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Sunday 10, May 2020 - 03 June 2020


The international art contest «VIVA MAESTRO» is a cultural project created by Russian Academy of arts and educational innovations. We have reformatted our experience and created online international art contest. Now is very easy to take part to everyone. Internet is useful developing resources for people, countries, cultures and nationalities. The contest is good opportunity to improve skills, get more experience, knowledge and contacts. 


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Founders and partners Academy of arts and educational innovations (Russia) Academy of music and dance «Terpsichorу» (Greece) International Art Creative center Helsinki (Finland) Modern choreography center «TSEKH» (Russia)



✔ vk.com/academyofinnovation










✔ Professional Experts from Russia, Greece, Italy, Finland.

✔ Online conference with Experts and participants

✔ Online Master classes

✔ International Diplomas

✔ Easy rules and convenience to take part



May, 10-25

Registration. Applications and videos of performance should be uploaded to youtube or a cloud file with a direct link for viewing.

May, 25-31

The judges work with video performances. They make points, comments, reviews and choose Laureates.

June, 1

Online Gala –show. Winner’s performances will be showing on the YouTube channel. The broadcast is organized by a moderator. The viewers can vote for special prize.

June, 2

Online conference with Experts and participants

June, 3

Master classes

Experts Each festival nomination is supervised by professional experts. Experts are invited from around the world: Italy, France, Greece, Russia and Finland. Each judge has right to award one team or soloist with a special prize.



Each member (soloist or the group) will receive their own award. According to the decision of the Experts, the participant can get: «GRAN- PRIX», «Laureate 1», «Laureate 2», «Laureate 3», «Laureate 4», «Participant». The winners are nominated for special prizes.
Each soloist or group will get:

✔ Diploma according to the application

✔ Certificate of appreciation

✔ Reviews or comments from judgers

✔ Electronic Booklet of the contest

✔ A surprise gift from the organizers



✔ Download the application form the Academy's website www.academfest.com and fill it

✔ Send the application on e-mail academfest@gmail.com. Each application has specific number. Please get the official application registration number.

✔ Send by email a video according to the application (links should be directly for viewing, not for downloading. Links on Facebook platforms are not accepted.

✔ Rules and regulations for all participants are the same.  One photo of soloist or a group should be sending on e-mail academfest@gmail.com with application (for the booklet).

✔ The Academy has rights to post photos of participants on website, in social net and use them in advertising products.

✔ All mistakes in applications making by participants, the Academy does not correct.



Solo performance – 15 euro Duet - 20 euro (for both) Small group (3-5 per) – 40 euro Middle group (6-16 people) – 50 euro Large group (including choirs and orchestras) – 60 euro

In one application you can put one performance!

One application specifies one number in one category and one age category. Each application will get one diploma and one certificate of appreciation to the teacher. Extra application is paid separately.

Payment Academy online - bank account, Pay pal, Yandex wallet 




✔ Classical dance. Demi classic

✔ Folk dance

✔ Sports dance, Street dance. Free style

✔ Jazz, Modern jazz dance

✔ Contemporary dance

✔ Pop dance, Dance show.


Instrumental performance

✔ Brass instruments

✔ Folk instruments

✔ Stringed instruments

✔ Piano

✔ Instrumental ensemble

✔ Orchestras 

Attention! For the younger age category, two performance allowed in one application.



✔ Classic singing

✔ Folk singing

✔Pop and jazz singing

Attention! For the younger age category in the Classic singing category, two songs allowed in one application. Singing a-capella (without accompaniment) ALLOWED.



✔ Children's choir\school choir

✔ Youth choir\student choir

✔ Adult mixed choir

✔ Professional choir

Attention! In one application the choir can provide one song or a program for 7 minutes.



✔ Drama performance

✔ Music performance

✔ Original genre

✔ Street theater. Open air performance

✔ Folk theater

✔ Declamation

Attention! The theater can present one performance without a time limit



✔ Solo, duet

✔ Small form (3-5 people)

✔ Ensemble (from 6 people and more) 



✔ Preschoolers, children up to and including 6 years of age

✔ Primary school age 7-10 years

✔ Average school age 11-14 years

✔ High school age 15-17 years

✔ Young people 18-22 years old

✔ Adults 23+ years old

✔ Mixed age 



You can take the application from the Academy's website www.academfest.com or send the completed form in Word format to email address academfest@gmail.com After sending the application by email, you must contact the organizing Committee of the competition and make sure that the information is received and the application is registered! The Academy reserves the right to close accreditation for participation in the competition in order to achieve the maximum number of participants 



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