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IV International Art Festival
«Treasure of Hellas»
Tuesday 15, October 2019 - 21 October 2019

Moscow Academy of Arts and educational innovations established the International art festival «Treasure of Hellas». This festival was established with financial and informational support of the cultural department of the Prefecture of South Aegen with the support of the Municipality of the City of Rhodes. Sponsor of the festival is Rodos Palace hotel. The main goal is to promote the values of national and world culture.










Application form


The Festival will be held from October 15-21, 2019 in Rhodes.

The full festival program includes competition, workshops and events for the participants.





  • Grand Opening at the Dimotikon Theater
  • Competitive performances in theaters Dimotikon, Rodon Open Theater
  • Evening of national cultures
  • Open master classes for teachers of festival participants and experts
  • Professional master classes in areas
  • Concerts open-air on the directions (choral, orchestral, choreographic, etc.)
  • Gala concert in the Old Town of the Knights at the historic Melina Mercury Theater
  • City and island tours
  • Quest “Treasures of Hellas”, the contest “Goddess of Olympus”
  • Animation, Zumba dance
  • Swimming Championship for the special prize of the festival
  • Disco Colorado
  • Closing of the festival with the award of international certificates, prizes, diplomas of international standard with the official seal of the Municipality of the Hellenic Republic



  • Consists of famous figures of culture and art of Russia and Greece
  • Has the right to award several prizes, to assign additional incentive prizes
  • The decision of the jury at all stages of the competition is final and not negotiable



  • By decision of the Expert Council can be awarded: "Grand Prix", "Laureate I, II, III degree", "DIPLOMANT I, II, III degree"
  • If a team is one in a nomination, then it may not always be a laureate. The level of performance is determined by the jury members.
  • By decision of the jury special prizes, special titles and diplomas are awarded.
  • As prizes for winners in several categories, quotas can be allocated for free participation in Russian and International Academy projects.
  • Not all bands take part in a gala concert. The concert program is determined by the director and experts.



The jury develops and approves the evaluation criteria for individual nominations.

  • Technique, vocabulary, sense of rhythm, aesthetics, expressiveness, composition,
  • Stage image: costume, hairstyle, makeup; acting, matching form and content, contact with the viewer
  • Performances are rated on a 10-point scale.




  • Download the application from the Academy website academfest.com and fill in all columns · You must send an application to academfest@gmail.com
  • Obtain the official registration number of the application, as well as receive a list of participants for resettlement and obtain visas
  • Fill out the list form (all columns) and send to academfest@gmail.com


  • Get a receipt for the total amount, as well as the amount of the prepayment. Prepayment of 20% of the total cost is made within a week after receiving a receipt for the total amount.


  • Prepare documents for a visa and submit the information to the organizing committee. The Academy provides support in obtaining visas, prepares documents for the inviting party, works with the Embassy and Consular Section. Visas are obtained centrally in groups. Hotel vouchers and documents of the inviting party are provided by the organizing committee.


  • Send 1 photo of the team (or soloist) in costumes to academfest@gmail.com
  • Application for diplomas, certificates and letters of thanks
  • Send an e-mail 2 weeks before the festival soundtracks of performances in the required format (mp3, wma)
  • Prepare a presentation of the group (or soloist) in the form specified by the festival director
  • Prepare souvenirs from groups for official events
  • Prepare participants for events in the framework of the festival program (championships, games and internal competitions)





  • The Organizing Committee conducts official correspondence with the team leader at academfest@gmail.com and solves questions ONLY with the leader who submitted the application.
  • Rules and regulations for all participants are one
  • The Organizing Committee has the right to place festival photos of groups on its website and use them in promotional products without the consent of the group or an individual performer.
  • The Organizing Committee has the right to prevent a speech at the opening without prior preparation and not respecting the format of the event.
  • Team leaders are fully responsible for group members during check-in at the airport, air travel, during mass festival and competition events, excursions and recreation.
  • Medical insurance is issued at the place of residence and must be with you during all travels, excursions and festival events, including rehearsals. In the event of an insured event and the absence of an insurance policy with you, the head of the group is fully responsible for paying medical assistance to the victim.
  • Individual transfer to the hotel, places for concerts and festival events is paid for independently.
  • Replacing meals with a lunch package is coordinated in advance with the Directorate


Excursions: the time of excursions paid by the group can be transferred only upon agreement with the guide (organizing committee). The excursions included in the festival package are not subject to change, and if the group does not appear, it is not compensated. The team leader who purchased excursions outside the organizing committee automatically assumes responsibility for the quality of excursion services and the safety of the group.

Parents at the festival: parents accompanying children pay a festival ticket on a general basis, but without a festival fee. All organizational issues regarding the stay of the group at the festival are solved directly with the group leader. Parents are forbidden to interfere in the creative and organizational process of the festival and to make any adjustments to the program.

Hotel: Accommodation in the rooms is strictly from 14.00 hours. Early check-in on October 14th is an extra day. Night or early arrival October 15 is in the price of a full package. Food from the moment of settling in the rooms.






Choreography - one or two dances in one nomination and age category

  • Classic dance. Demi-classic
  • Folk stage dance. Folk stylized dance
  • Sport dance. Street dance. Hip -hop. Rok-n-roll. Acrobatic Etude
  • Modern dance \ Modern jazz. Сontemporary. Pop. Free plastic
  • Dance show


Instrumental performance - 2 diverse works

  • Instrumental ensemble
  • Orchestra of folk instruments
  • String orchestra
  • Brass Band
  • Instrumental solos / duets / trios

- Wind instruments

- Folk tools

- Stringed instruments

- Piano


Vocal - 2 diverse works

  • Academic vocals
  • Folk vocals
  • Pop and jazz vocals


Choir - any program no more than 10 minutes

  • Children's choir
  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed



  • Art reading - no more than 4 minutes
  • Theater production in Russian - no more than 20 minutes
  • Theatrical production in a foreign language - no more than 20 minutes
  • Thumbnail. Pantomime. Original genre - no more than 10 minutes
  • Puppet theater - no more than 20 minutes
  • Theater of Fashion- 2 collections
  • Folklore theater - no more than 15 minutes



  • Small form (from 1 to 4 people)
  • Ensemble (5-16 people)
  • Big form, choir, orchestra (from 17 people)



  • Group A (children) - from 6 to 11 years
  • Group B (teenage) - from 12 to 15 years
  • Group C (youth) - from 16 to 20 years
  • Group D (adults) - from 20 years and older without restrictions
  • Group E (mixed age) - for choirs, ensembles, orchestras, and so on.


The price

One participant - 400 euro include hotel all inclusive , festival, excursion, transfer, master-class

Air tickets, visa and visa service are not include.



You can fill in the application form on the Academy website www.academfest.com or send the completed form in Word format to the email address academfest@gmail.com

After sending the application by e-mail, you must contact the organizing committee of the competition and make sure that the information is received and the application is registered!

The Academy reserves the right to close the accreditation to participate in the competition to achieve the maximum number of participants.


The International art festival «Treasure of Hellas» is designed to create maximum conditions for creative communication and cultural exchange between Russia and Greece. It is an unforgettable opportunity to make new friends, to represent your talents, to be successful.   



www.academfest.com   academfest@gmail.com 

Rhodes: +30 694 2580856 Filimon Filippou

Moscow: +7 965 270 09 17 Victoria Rille