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The Academy pays great attention to professional development and the level of performing skills.

"Master class" is a special form of training, which is based on the "practical" actions of showing and demonstrating creative solutions of certain problematic tasks. Master classes are popular and their popularity is growing rapidly because master classes are a combination of passion and benefit, teamwork and creativity. It is an opportunity to gain a new experience in life, to gain new skills.

Each master class of the Academy’s projects has bright and distinctive features. The fact is each Master conducting a master class has its own style of creativity. He shows his own system of work, a set of methodological techniques, pedagogical actions that are inherent to him. Its actions are connected between each other, original and provide an effective solution to educational tasks.

As a result of the master classes, participants receive certificates with the registration number of the Academy, which are a confirmation of the increase of their performing level.

The Academy has master classes in different areas: choreography, vocal, theatre and others.