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Letting children and teachers learn from the masters

The academy is a unique project created at the initiative of outstanding masters of art — musicians, dancers, singers, artists, actors, theatrical directors and teachers - for development of culture and education as well as international cultural ties.

We aim to unlock the creative potential of young people, and also to create the conditions to encourage originality and preserve the best Russian traditions of excellence in music, dance and drama performance.

In the academy we set ourself an ambitious task - to provide to participants of different age, level of preparation and professional orientation the opportunity to maximize their potential and gain irreplaceable knowledge and skills.

This has become possible, thanks to cooperation with leading Russian and European experts in culture, art and education, and also the use of unique progressive techniques of training.

Integration into the world community is achieved through training, which includes exposure to foreign languages and cultures and a wide choice of educational and cultural programs.

Specialists of the Academy will direct the development and support of talent, creative potential and encouragement of identity, through the use of innovation and advanced technologies in the sphere of culture and education.